I'm Alex Ptakhin, tech lead at Prestatech in Berlin.

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Overscrummed by Design

Words about Scrum Loud titles about how Scrum ruined Agile cause boredom or disgust. But in the environment of satirical folklore of ScrumButs, ZombieScrums, and ScreamGuides, we can observe the negative side of the framework. Let’s try to go step by step about the good and bad parts of Scrum. Scrum is often called an “Agile framework” or “methodology”, which is wrong. It’s the list of values, roles and meetings. The values don’t match the original Agile’s.
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How We Should and Should Not Hire Why is hiring so difficult for leaders? Well, there are many moving parts. Also, the decision comes with long-term implications. We can’t predict how new members will interact with the rest of the team — especially under ever-changing circumstances. Introducing a new member is a significant addition to a small team that will consume ample resources before we start to see any benefits. Hiring a good developer and onboarding them can each take several months.
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Reflections on much work and lack of knowledge

I have subjective experience from my career path, but familiar with every company – from startup and middle-sized to big tech companies. From linear managers to C-level executives, all are stressed with hectic calendars and overloaded with calls and meetings. Even worse, often, there is lots of work because a company sometimes decides “much work” as a solution to multiple problems: how people interact with each other, and how the value is pushed from development to client.
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Less-complexity & Fast Feedback Teams

My goal: bring the idea of basic rules about systems. And nudge to think about the decision effects. Audience: senior engineers, engineering managers, and product/project managers. There are many overcomplications in the Tech industry regarding how to work well. There are too many “new” concepts, manyP bestseller books, many conferences and many talks with some “new” ideas. We think we missing something we run into it trying to implement things without going deeper into some basis.
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[ru] Кодревью

Дисклеймер: ниже заметки субъективных ключевых мест с краткостью записи для себя, оригинал видео рекомендуется к просмотру. Оригинал обсуждения здесь: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDj3x__YZgE Зачем код ревью Соответствует ли код требованиям в ТЗ Побочные эффекты. Проблемы в других функциях Читаемость. Странные именования Консистентность общему стилю Оптимальность Чистота Повторное использование существующего кода. Агрессивно DRY Соответствие архитектурного изменения Проверка сценариев тестирования Плюсы: Уменьшение числа дефектов и увеличение качества кода Совместное владение кодом и бест практик Проблемы Дорого.
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[ru] Последний довод зависшего процесса

Симптомы. Один из подпроцессов в поде кубернетса просто вис и не логировал данные. Заходим в поду. Чтобы понять про процессы: $ top top - 19:00:06 up 22 days, 10:42, 0 users, load average: 0.79, 0.89, 1.11 Tasks: 13 total, 1 running, 7 sleeping, 0 stopped, 5 zombie %Cpu(s): 1.2 us, 1.4 sy, 0.0 ni, 95.0 id, 2.1 wa, 0.2 hi, 0.1 si, 0.1 st MiB Mem : 32165.3 total, 14305.0 free, 3202.
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